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Death and American Horror Story

american-horror-story2The below article will openly discuss spoilers from all four seasons of American Horror Story.

When the first season of American Horror Story was airing, there was quite a bit of confusion over the series. First of all, the show introduced a shocking amount of ideas right from the start: ghosts, stitched-together Frankenstein babies, ghostly red-headed twins, a prophetic girl with down syndrome, a maid whose appearance shifts depending on who’s looking at her, a marriage-in-crisis, a school shooter, and a gimp-suited rapist entity, all in the very first episode. Even stranger, the show did not seem to have any qualms with making rather permanent narrative decisions. Major secrets (like the identity of the gimp suit entity) were revealed midway through the season, and several main characters died, or were revealed to have been ghosts the whole time. It was certainly fun to watch on a weekly basis, but it was hard to fathom how the writers would be able to sustain it as a series past the first season.

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Shadow of Mordor: All About the Execution

Shadow-of-Mordor-Logo-600x324When choosing a property to adapt for a video game, it’s a good idea to select something with a large, well-realized universe in which to pull content. Given this, it’s somewhat surprising that we don’t see more Lord of the Rings themed games. The Lord of the Rings MMO is still going strong (apparently; I’ve never known anybody who actually plays it), the Lego Lord of the Rings game was plenty of fun, and there were some respectable hack and slash games that came out around the time of the LOTR movie trilogy, but most games that have come from the property have been shoddy-at-best. So it was something of a surprise this year when Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor released, and was one of the best games of the year. With solid and easy-to-pick-up combat and stealth mechanics, Shadow of Mordor is a game that should be enjoyable regardless of one’s familiarity with Tolkien.

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Transformers 4: Age of Extinction Review

TRANFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION“I don’t change my style for anybody. Pussies do that.”

The above is a quote from a GQ article with Michael Bay*, and it’s fairly representative of his body of work. Say what you want about Bay’s shortcomings (which I fully intend to do below), but he’s one of the few filmmakers working today that you can truly refer to as an “auteur.” The same article quotes several filmmakers and actors, including Steven Spielberg, James Cameron, and George Lucas, who all state that Michael Bay’s style is unmissable, that he stages large action sequences like nobody else, and that you can easily ascertain that a film is directed by Michael Bay from only five minutes of footage.

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