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Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Review

hotline miami 2The original Hotline Miami was something of a sleeper hit: a top-down, 16-bit, hyper-violent, 80s-themed twitch-massacre-simulator with an awesome electronic soundtrack. The game looked simple but was packed with a variety of actions and tactics, all of which were necessary to tackle its twenty punishingly challenging “chapters.” Coupled with an insta-restart upon death, there was rarely any downtime for the player, allowing for each level to be a constant adrenaline rush. It was not until every single enemy was a corpse that you were given a moment of rest: the music would die abruptly, and you were left to navigate your way out of the level with nothing but an unsettling hum for audio and a violence-fueled guilt hangover.

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Jay and Ross Talk Shit: Episode 8

We’ve got another episode of Jay and Ross Talk Shit available for your pleasure! This week, the theme is fame, as we explore how far people will go to achieve it and how far companies will go to retain it. Just as a heads up, the Phil Robertson segment contains some disturbing language and content, and also crosses into some uncomfortable aspects of religion. Discretion is advised.

If you would like to jump to a specific topic, we’ve got time-codes below!

0:00 – Jeremy Clarkson Getting Canned from Top Gear
11:19 – Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasy and his Disturbing “Proof” of Atheistic Depravity (includes a digression on Kim Kardashian, naturally)
23:27 – The Return of The X-Files and 80s/90s Resurgences (also covers Sylvester Stallone movies, Terminator, and the Hannibal TV show)
45:38 – Robert Durst and The Jinx

The Last Man on Earth Won’t Settle

lastmanonearth(The following article contains spoilers for The Last Man on Earth, up through episode 

The Last Man on Earth is currently halfway through its first season, which makes it an unusual candidate for my blog. Typically, I like to write about TV shows at the beginning or end of a season, but The Last Man on Earth is doing something that I’m not quite sure I’ve ever seen before. In short, it is a sitcom without a status quo.

As I’ve stated in this blog before, the sitcom formula is built on stasis. Since the core of a “situation comedy” is a specific situation, it is difficult for characters to change or advance because that very change threatens the show’s premise. The Last Man on Earth, however, has been functioning since the pilot as a show where change IS the status quo. It’s been exciting to watch, gaining some ground from the “what will happen next?!” feeling that’s usually reserved for dramas, but also makes it very hard to get invested in the show’s future. We’re now halfway through the first season, and still have no idea what the show is about.

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Firsties Episode 5: The Venture Bros – Careers in Science and Mid-Life Chrysalis

Thanks for listening to another episode of Firsties with Reba and Ross! In this episode, we cover two more episodes of The Venture Bros which really begin to flesh out its characters.

A note on continuity here: the “correct” production order of episodes (the way that they are presented on the DVD) and the order that they were aired on Adult Swim (which Netflix uses) are very different. For the sake of this podcast, we are going with the correct, intended order. This means that the episodes covered this week are:

Careers in Science (episode 3 on Netflix)
Mid-Life Chrysalis (episode 9 on Netflix)

Next week, we will be covering:
Eeney, Meeney, Miney…Magic! (episode 6 on Netflix)
The Incredible Mr. Brisby (episode 5 on Netflix)

The complete listing of episodes, in the “correct” order, are:
The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay
Dia de Los Dangerous
Careers in Science
Mid-Life Chrysalis
Eeney, Meeney, Miney…Magic
The Incredible Mr. Brisby
Tag Sale…You’re It!
Home Insecurity
Ghosts of the Sargasso
Ice Station – Impossible!
Are You There, God? It’s Me, Dean
Past Tense
The Trial of the Monarch
Return to Spider-Skull Island

Cinderella and the Importance of Complex Villains

CINDERELLALast week, I posted a podcast I recorded with my friend Jason about the movie Patch Adams. In the film, Robin Williams plays a med school student who upsets the medical institution by caring about patients and clowning around the hospital. In the podcast, one of my biggest complaints was that the movie completely failed to make the “established” doctors into anything more than villainous straw men for Patch to knock over. When questioned as to why they hated Patch (a man who, given his outright illegal actions throughout much of the movie, they have every reason to hate), they would say absurd things about him sinking to the patients’ level, or being too happy.

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