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Dragon Age Inquisition Review

dragon age inquisitionIf there’s one thing that Dragon Age Inquisition does especially well, it’s world building. While the first game in the series, Dragon Age Origin, felt like “Tolkien for Adults,” Inquisition seems to model its world and lore a bit more after George RR Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” series. Different races and factions have deep, complex histories, with their own myths and legends, and very different accounts of how certain events occurred. When it comes to the various religions and supernatural forces that make up the Dragon Age world of Thedas, all of it is presented with uncertainty. Like the giants and children of the forest in Game of Thrones, it is unclear to the majority whether or not these things actually existed or are simply stories.

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Firsties Episode 10 – End of Venture Bros Coverage

Thank you for joining us for our last episode of Venture Bros coverage! This time, we cover The Trial of the Monarch, Return to Spider-Skull Island, and the Christmas special!

As I state in the intro, there is a brief period of spoilery-talk regarding season 2, followed by a discussion about the Christmas episode, which is included on the Venture Bros DVD. If you would like to skip the spoilers but still hear us discuss the Christmas special, use these timecodes:

23:15 – Spoilers begin
24:56 – Christmas episode coverage

Either way, know that the spoiler talk is clearly marked and warned within the podcast, so there’s little danger in hearing too much, even if you’re not referring to the timecodes.

Thank you for listening, and we’ll hopefully catch you all in a couple weeks for our next show!

Gone Girl Review – Playing with Genre

gone-girl_c99723(Because Gone Girl has been out and available for some time now, I will be talking spoilers in this review. Also, because this review skews toward a broader discussion of genre, I am including it as a “review” and a “deep end” piece)

Six months after its release, I have finally gotten around to watching David Fincher’s Gone Girl. During that time, it had been nigh-impossible to avoid spoilers altogether (Neil Patrick Harris even spoiled his own death during the Oscars), but I did my best, and it ultimately paid off. Much of Gone Girl’s success comes not only from its twists and turns, but from how surprisingly early they come. Each major twist reshapes the narrative, as well as the genre.

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Jay and Ross Talk Shit Episode 12

Hello everyone! This week we’re covering stuff we’ve been watching over the last week, including Daredevil, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and most importantly, Vanilla Ice Goes Amish!

Also, one last note: we mention that we may talk spoilers for the first six Daredevil episodes, but we didn’t. So feel free to listen to that section, even if you haven’t been watching Daredevil! Any spoilers for the Age of Ultron section have been removed, as well. For a more spoiler-inclusive piece, check out my review here:

Timecodes incoming!
0:00 – Intro and Vanilla Ice Goes Amish
12:40 – No Holds Barred with Hulk Hogan tangent
15:40 – Back to Vanilla Ice
17:30 – Daredevil, and dark & gritty superheroes vs light & campy
25:56 – El Capitan’s Marvel Marathon
28:20 – Avengers 2
35:25 – The Jeremy Renner/Black Widow “slut” controversy

Avengers: Age of Ultron Review

the-avengers-age-of-ultron_zGf6N1(The top portion of this review will not contain spoilers. However, if you have seen the movie or would like to hear a few more specifics, I will go into details below. That section will contain significant spoilers)

In a way, Avengers: Age of Ultron is the Iron Man 2 of the Avengers series. It makes a lot of the same mistakes as IM2 did, primarily by trying to stuff in too many plot elements and sequel set-ups for the movie to come together as a cohesive whole. You can feel Joss Whedon stressing out over the movie, as more and more things get piled on while he tries to wrangle a decent Ultron film out of it. I counted at least ten different stories and new character/place introductions in the first half hour alone.

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