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Steam Refunds and the Importance of Culpability In Game Sales

arkhamEarly this year, I wrote a piece on the state of broken game launches and the mentality of fixing a title after release. Not much has changed since that was published, especially in regards to PC games. While the PC platform was finally starting to get consistently strong ports from console-focused developers toward the end of the last console generation, now that the PS4 and Xbox One have launched, many developers are again focusing their efforts on console games and then offloading half-assed ports to PC. We saw it earlier this year with Warner Bros.’ Mortal Kombat X, which frequently crashed on users and, when a patch was released to fix the problem, ended up erasing their saved games.

Just this month, yet another disastrous PC launch occurred with a different Warner Bros. title. Batman: Arkham Knight is abysmal on PC, requiring absolutely top-of-the-line PC components to even maintain 30 fps without major stuttering. The game forces a 30 fps framerate lock on users as well, frustrating people with high-end machines, and is missing several visual effects present in the console versions of the game. Even worse, most computers that can handle the game’s specs slow to a crawl during many of the batmobile segments. The game requires a $1000+ machine to get visuals and performance that is still inferior to the $350 Xbox One.

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Jay And Ross Talk Shit: Restoring the (Cinematic) Faith, Pt 1

Raptor LawyerThis week on Jay and Ross Talk Shit, we’re starting something new. In a world overrun with terrible sequels and re-makes, and filled with a wealth of fantastic television, Jason is having a cinematic crisis of faith. It is up to Ross to show him that there are still reasons to be excited about modern cinema.

Each week, we’ll pick a movie and watch it, keeping score of how many Jason enjoyed. We’re also open to suggestions from listeners for interesting movies to help Jason care again. This week, we watch Cabin in the Woods and talk at length about our imagined Jurassic World sequel, Raptor Lawyer.

If you’ve tuned out for a few weeks, this is our invitation to jump back in and listen to us goof off and have fun for a while.

0:00 – Intro
0:28 – Jason’s Cinematic Crisis of Faith
—3:39-6:50 – Tangent: Jurassic World and the Origin of Raptor Lawyer
10:12 – Cabin in the Woods
34:52 – More Raptor Lawyer

Orange is the New Black – Season 3 Review

orange-is-the-new-blackOrange Is the New Black was never really intended to be a smash hit. While Netflix threw lots of money into promoting House of Cards, Orange was always positioned as something of an experiment, a low-risk series meant to reach a different section of Netflix’s audience. However, right from its first season, Orange has been a major sleeper hit, continually growing an audience based almost solely on positive word of mouth. At this point it is more successful (and, frankly, better) than House of Cards, and something of a phenomenon for Netflix. It just goes to show that if you write a show driven by empathy for its characters and make it readily available to people, it will find an audience.

But can Orange Is the New Black keep its quality up now that audiences already know what to expect? Personally, I think so, but there are some indications in the recently-released season three that it may have some obstacles to overcome in its transition from sleeper hit to popular institution.

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