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Jay And Ross Talk Shit Episode 24: Donald Trump, Sons of Anarchy, and Nathan For You

After failing to restore Jason’s faith in cinema, Jay and Ross turn to a new outlet: television! Each chose an episode of a show that they watch that the other did not: Jason chose Son’s of Anarchy for Ross, and Ross chose Nathan for You for Jason. Here we talk about the episodes shown and whether we’d give the show a chance. BUT FIRST, we take on the popular internet quiz, “Who said it: Donald Trump or Frank Reynolds?

Timecodes are below. Enjoy!
0:00 – Intro
2:20 – “Who said it: Donald Trump or Frank Reynolds?”
22:31 – Sons of Anarchy
35:00 – Nathan For You
53:20 – Offensive Stand-up Comics
58:08 – Gun Control
1:05:00 – Wrap-up

Her Story Review

her story

Her Story isn’t like other games. Hell, it’s hard to even classify it as a game, really. As soon as you begin, you’re shown a 90s-era CRT monitor with a search engine open for the word “MURDER.” Some notes on the desktop indicate that you can search other terms and find videos (actual taped videos, like the infamous 90s-era FMV games) from a police database regarding a murder case.. This experience makes up the entirety of the game: you watch videos of the same actress testifying in the case, take note of potential keywords, search for them, watch “new” videos, and try to put together what happened for yourself. As you dig deeper, it becomes clear that the murder itself is just a jumping off point for a much more complicated story about this woman’s past.

The thing that is going to make or break the game for a lot of people is whether or not this non-linear player-guided storytelling approach is enough to warrant the experience. In a way, there is no real goal or ending here. After watching a certain percentage of the in-game videos, a text-chat window will pop up asking if you’ve seen enough to know what happened. If you answer yes and quit out, the credits roll, but it’s largely arbitrary. I had a pretty complete concept of what happened long before the chat prompt, and players are free to keep searching for more videos long after the game “ends.” The story (which is quite interesting, albeit far-fetched) is definitely the draw here, not the gameplay itself or the satisfaction of completion.

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Unknown Hosts 7/29/2015

Welcome to another episode of Unknown Hosts! This week, we’ve got LOTS of great coverage for you!

Feel free to jump around using the handy timecodes below!

0:00 – Intro
4:09 – Win a Ticket to TwitchCon
8:00 – Ark “Survival of the Fittest” Team Deathmatch Challenge
10:24 – Choice Chamber: Games Designed Specifically for Twitch

The Good, The Bad, The Kappa
15:25 – Electronic Sports League Introducing Drug Testing
23:50 – Razer Buys Ouya
36:48 – Dragon Quest X and XI Confirmed for the Nintendo NX
43:10 – Microsoft considering Windows 10-to-Xbox-One gaming compatibility
48:00 – Rise of the Tomb Raider coming to PS4 1 year after Xbox One’s release
56:23 – Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro still want to work on a project together
1:01:46 – Final Witcher 3 Free DLC: New Game + Mode
1:07:35 – The Flock

1:20:45 – Plugs

It Follows Review


Horror is often dismissed by “serious” filmgoers as a base genre, full of cliches and rarely engaging with the audience beyond making them jump. However, like with any film genre, a movie is only as low brow as its creators decide to make it. When a filmmaker wants to say more with their work, genre constraints are simply a small hurdle to overcome. In some cases, genre conventions can even be strengths, ways to further explore a particular topic. The latter is very much true in recent indie horror film It Follows, which uses an 80s horror framework to examine the subject of sexual promiscuity.

The look and feel of the movie places us right at home within this genre. Many scenes take place within a suburban neighborhood, not unlike slasher film classics like Halloween, while the synth-heavy score tells us exactly what to expect. The central premise too, regarding an entity that follows victims based on sexual activity, is taking the subtext of the slasher genre and making it text.

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