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Jay And Ross Talk Shit Episode 29

Welcome to another episode of Jay and Ross Talk Shit! This week, what begins as a conversation about Mad Max: Fury Road evolves into a much broader discussion of our favorite action movies and the way that we view and evaluate movies. It runs a bit long, but it’s a really fun piece that we hope you’ll enjoy!

Or, if you’re pressed for time and only want to listen to the things you care about the most, feel free to jump around below!

0:00 – Mad Max: Fury Road
—27:46-29:38 – Rambo/Rocky Tangent
—29:38-30:30 – Transporter 2 Tangent
—30:52-32:38 – Die Hard Tangent
32:40 – Jason’s Favorite Movies: Con Air
33:53 – How Ross Evaluates Movies
37:28 – Jason’s Favorites Continued: Money Train, Lethal Weapon 3, and Demolition Man
38:55 – Transformers and Michael Bay
40:55 – No Holds Barred…Again!
43:38 – Back to Mad Max
44:40 – The Effects of Hype
45:42 – Feminism and Mad Max: Fury Road
48:30 – More on the Effects of Hype
49:28 – Jason’s Favorites Continued: Assassins
50:45 – Rating Scales in Criticism
51:14 – Tom Hardy
51:51 – Single Actor Performance Films (Locke, Moon, Buried)
53:22 – Ryan Reynolds
55:00 – The Raid
56:22 – Kill Bill and Quentin Tarantino
1:02:19 – Conclusion

Unknown Hosts 9/23/2015

Welcome to a special episode of Unknown Hosts! Unlike most weeks, Ka_Niff and Ross cast from the SAME ROOM AND LOCATION, talking about our impending time at TwitchCon. Enjoy, and remember to watch us live at!

02:58 – Start of Show
03:28 – TwitchCon Talk
24:02 – What’s New with Us?

The Good, The Bad, and The Kappa
30:28 – New Spider-Man To Be 15 Years Old
36:52 – New Hitman Delayed, Will Feature Post-Launch Content “Updates”
41:54 – Game of Thrones Breaks Records at the Emmy’s because of a change in voting policy
49:23 – The Extraordinarily Convoluted Explanation for Kingdom Hearts 2.8’s Title
54:21 – Destiny: The Taken King Contains Secret, Super-Difficult Missions That Players Still Haven’t Discovered
1:02:02 – Some Incredibly Difficult Super Mario Maker levels

1:11:31 – Chat Topics
1:16:13 – Giveaway: Burnout Paradise
1:21:56 – Plugs
1:24:44 – More Talk about TwitchCon

TwitchCon and the Rise of a More Interactive Fan Community


At the end of this week, I will be attending TwitchCon, a convention which exists to bring together people who stream themselves playing video games for online audiences. When I was growing up, I wasn’t aware that this could even be a profession, or that there would be any interest whatsoever in watching other people play games. I wouldn’t have understood it, and I’m not certain that I understand it now. However, I’ve been doing it for the better part of this year in some form or another, so it certainly intrigues me.

The conclusion that I’ve come to is that the success of Twitch and game-streaming, particularly live-streaming, is actually a strong reflection of the medium. When you look at other popular mediums, such as film, television, print, and music, there are always fans and critics who adore and consume media with a voraciousness and complexity that supercedes the average consumer. These are the diehards, the ones who meet in coffee houses, or in book clubs, or on internet forums to discuss in-depth how a piece of art or entertainment made them think or feel.

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