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Jay And Ross Talk Shit: Episode 40

Thanks for joining us for another episode of Jay and Ross Talk Shit! We’ve got a great episode for you this week, with updates from our personal lives, some current events, and EXTREMELY EXCITING LIVE VOTING for the SAG Awards!!!!!!!…okay, maybe not as exciting as all that, but I promise you that it’s a really solid episode, so listen and enjoy!

0:00 – Intro
0:26 – Jason’s Life: Medical Marijuana and Birthdays
2:22 – Ross’s Life
—2:25 – New Job Prospect
—2:47 – IGN Contest Entry
—5:16 – E! Interview
—5:55 – Reba’s Birthday Retreat: Hicksville in Joshua Tree
—11:28 – IGN Contest Continued
13:40 – Sarah Palin’s Endorsement of Trump and Track’s PTSD/Domestic Abuse
—18:32-19:53 – 13 Hours Tangent
—19:53-20:48 – Transformers 4’s Romeo and Juliet Clause Is a Real Thing…iet-law.htm
—20:48-22:50 – Michael Bay is doing Transformers 5
—22:50-24:07 – Terribly Misguided Character Drama And Beautiful People in Movies
24:13 – Uproar over the Suicide Squad Trailer
—27:45 – Why Jason Liked Antman Better Than Other Marvel Movies
29:27 – Jason Votes for SAG Awards LIVE!!!
—30:49-35:24 – Does Leonardo DiCaprio deserve an Oscar for The Revenant, and is The Revenant Overrated?
—38:35-40:25 – 99 Homes Is Really Not Very Good
—41:12-42:15 – Spotlight IS Good
—44:10-45:52 – Straight Outta Compton
—51:05-52:14 – Final Season of Parks and Recreation
57:46 – Wrapping Up

The X-Files 2016 Review – Episodes 1 and 2


The new season of The X-Files is best summed up by its title sequence. At first glance, it’s identical to what was used in the original series, with the same cheesy effects, season 1 footage, and iconic music that long-time fans (such as myself) can appreciate. And yet, it’s not quite the same. They’ve added Mitch Pilleggi (Walter Skinner) to the credits (which admittedly should have happened during the original run), and significantly shortened it. On its face, the changes don’t matter; it’s still most of the same footage with the same music. And yet, it’s still tweaked, with any padding or room for breathing removed to appeal to modern attention spans and sensibilities.

Like the title sequence, the episodes themselves attempt to stoke the fires of nostalgia by bringing back everything that The X-Files was about on the surface, while missing the tone and pacing which made the original series so great. The new season wastes no time in getting the story started, with Mulder and Scully re-uniting in the opening moments and immediately getting whisked away to learn about a new conspiracy. It turns out that the original series’ conspiracy was all a cover for the REAL conspiracy, in which the government was pulling the strings behind the “alien invasion,” planning to take over the world with a staged invasion using reverse-engineered alien technology.

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The Revenant Review


There’s no doubt that The Revenant is an impressive film. Shot entirely with natural light, director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu put his cast and crew through hell, filming in difficult environments at trying hours and incorporating some extremely long shots. Actors had to wrangle with the environment on top of their characters, especially Leonardo DiCaprio, who gives his most physical performance to date.  Much has already been written about how he ate raw liver for one particular scene, and the Hollywood star and hearthrob deserves credit for committing 100% to a role that lacks any sort of vanity.

But despite the impressive craft that went into the creation of The Revenant, the film itself is a disappointment. If anything, the gorgeous digital cinematography  and painstakingly blocked long-takes of the film feels a bit at odds with its rough, dirty aesthetics.  A similar style was utilized in Birdman, but there the content fit the stylization, with the unblinking cinematography matching the intensity and mounting stress of directing a stage play. Although The Revenant does contain a handful of extremely tense moments, all empowered by the film’s formal choices, the majority of the film exists in the lull between action sequences.

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Why Do We Care About the Golden Globes?


Every year, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association releases their list of nominees for the Golden Globes and puts on a big star-studded show. Just as reliably, critics and social media addicts complain incessantly about how poor the association’s choices are, how corrupt the organization is, and how little their awards matter. And yet, nothing ever changes: the celebrities keep showing up, the show keeps getting broadcast, and people keep complaining.

Why? It’s a difficult question with nebulous answers, but I’m going to try to get to the bottom of it. Here are my guesses as to why we still pay attention to the Globes, as viewers, as fans, and as critics.

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