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Past episodes of Unknown Hosts

Unknown Hosts 8/5/2015

Welcome to another episode of Unknown Hosts! This week, we talk news alongside some of the biggest announcements at Gamescom!

Timecodes below:

0:00 – Intro, Who’s Playing What?
9:34 – Windows 10

The Good, The Bad, The Kappa
16:40 – FFVII Remake Will Have a New Combat System
21:37 – Bungie Replacing All of Peter Dinklage’s Lines in Destiny with Nolan North
26:14 – Microsoft Moving Away from Third-Party Exclusives

Game Review:
34:13 – Portal Stories: Mel

Gamescom Coverage:
45:55 – Halo Wars 2
47:36 – Directx 12
55:30 – Full-feature DVR
58:06 – Halo 5 eSports Features
1:00:20 – First Gameplay for Scalebound (
1:03:38 – Quantum Break Cross-Media Details
1:08:33 – Need for Speed
1:09:55 – Mirror’s Edge
1:11:06 – Star Wars: The Old Republic
1:11:33 – Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2
1:13:15 – Old Republic and MMO’s
1:14:10 – Sims 4
1:16:13 – Star Wars: Battlefront
1:18:13 – FIFA 16 FUT mode
1:20:15 – Smaller Gamescom Games

1:22:40 – Plugs

Unknown Hosts 7/29/2015

Welcome to another episode of Unknown Hosts! This week, we’ve got LOTS of great coverage for you!

Feel free to jump around using the handy timecodes below!

0:00 – Intro
4:09 – Win a Ticket to TwitchCon
8:00 – Ark “Survival of the Fittest” Team Deathmatch Challenge
10:24 – Choice Chamber: Games Designed Specifically for Twitch

The Good, The Bad, The Kappa
15:25 – Electronic Sports League Introducing Drug Testing
23:50 – Razer Buys Ouya
36:48 – Dragon Quest X and XI Confirmed for the Nintendo NX
43:10 – Microsoft considering Windows 10-to-Xbox-One gaming compatibility
48:00 – Rise of the Tomb Raider coming to PS4 1 year after Xbox One’s release
56:23 – Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro still want to work on a project together
1:01:46 – Final Witcher 3 Free DLC: New Game + Mode
1:07:35 – The Flock

1:20:45 – Plugs

Unknown Hosts 7/22/2015

This week on Unknown Hosts, we talked about Konami’s continuing feud with Hideo Kojima, Rob McElhenney directing the Minecraft movie, Street Fighter V’s DLC plans, and more!

Feel free to jump to whatever topic you’d like using the handy timecodes below!

0:00- Intro
—4:03- Twitch moving from Flash to HTML5
—6:48- EVO 2015
15:35- Good Bad Kappa
—15:42- Hideo Kojima’s name removed from the cover of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
—23:10- Rob McElhenney to direct the Minecraft movie
—27:48- Street Fighter V’s DLC Model
—32:08- Prototype HD Fails to Impress
—37:47- Family Sharing Plans with Digital Games
49:41- Topics from Chat
57:45- Plugs

Also, one quick correction: When discussing Steam’s Family Sharing Plans, we stated that you could play a game shared with you as long as that game was not being accessed by the owner at the time. It is actually the WHOLE LIBRARY which must be open for you to play a game. So if you’re playing a shared game from somebody else’s library, and the owner jumps on to play any other game, you still have to quit. Still, it’s a cool feature that a lot of people aren’t aware of.

Thanks for watching!

Unknown Hosts 7/15/2015

Our Unknown Hosts show for the week of July 12th-July 18th 2015! This week, we cover several topics in the world of games and comic book adaptations! Topics and timecodes are below, along with links to where you can find the Comic Con trailers online!

0:17 – RIP Satoru Iwata
2:45 – The Good, The Bad, and The Kappa
2:51 – Performance Enhancing Drugs in E-Sports
9:44 – The Witcher 3’s 30 Hours of Expansion Content
15:50 – Ben Affleck to Star in, Direct, and Co-Write Stand-Alone Batman Film
23:21 – Batman: Arkham Knight Video Review
27:42 – Good Bad Kappa on Comic Con Trailers!
28:13 – Fear the Walking Dead (…)
33:33 – Heroes Reborn (…)
40:40 – Warcraft (…)
45:34 – Ash vs The Evil Dead (…)
50:06 – Batman v Superman (…)
1:03:34 – Suicide Squad
1:21:15 – Plugs