Unknown Hosts 8/19/2015

Despite being short one member, we still managed to pull off a solid show!

Check out the timecodes below if you’d prefer to jump around!

0:00 – Intro

The Good, the Bad, the Kappa
4:27 – Sonic in Super Mario Maker…If You Own His Amiibo
9:47 – Blizzard to Support Hearthstone for 10-20 Years and Create a Console Port
16:30 – The Witcher 3’s Modding Tools Disappoint Fans
21:41 – Resident Evil 2 To Be Remade from the Ground Up
28:54 – Fallout 4 Finished Before Being Announced
33:01 – Fallout 4 Gamescom Demo Leaks to Pornhub
38:22 – Gamestop Commissions Study to Remind Gamers They Have Games to Sell

Chat Topics
44:52 – Start of Chat
51:03 – Elite Dangerous
54:10 – FIFA 16 and FIFA Leagues (FVPAA)

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