Green Man Gaming

GMG_logo_hi-res[2]Medium Mashup is affiliated with Green Man Gaming, an absolutely killer digital PC game retailer. They have incredible VIP sales on a regular basis, as well as other great details you can find if you dig around a little bit. There’s almost always something worth adding to your collection. Purchases are also redeemable on Steam, so if you’re like me and hate spreading your game collection out over multiple platforms, you can access everything there.

Even better, Green Man Gaming has a program called Playfire which tracks your achievements from Xbox Live, PSN, and Steam, and gives you voucher money you can use toward ACTUAL GAMES. It’s something I always wished that Sony/Microsoft would do, but put into action by an independent seller that just wants to do something cool for its customers.

Anyway, this is my only revenue stream, and I promise not to bombard you guys with advertisements. If you’re looking for a new game and would like to support my site at the same time, please use this link to let Green Man Gaming know that I sent you: Green Man Gaming

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