Jay And Ross Talk Shit Episode 43 – Primaries, Apple, Fuller Houses, and Deadpool

This week, Jay and Ross are all over the board with talk on the Democratic and Republican Primaries, Apple’s fight with the FBI, Fuller House, and Deadpool! Feel free to use our handy timecodes below if you’d like to pick and choose what to listen to!

0:00 – Intro
1:20 – The Primaries
—1:46 – Democratic Superdelegates
—4:40 – Jeb Bush Bows Out
—6:31 – Democrats Now Accepting Money From Super PACs and Lobbyists
—10:13 – The Possibility of a Trump Presidency
—11:35 – The Misconceptions About Capitalism Vs Socialism
—16:33 – No Good Outcome To This Election
17:50 – Jay’s War On Pop-Ups
20:58 – Apple Says No To the FBI
29:50 – How Is Fuller House A Thing?
43:50 – Deadpool and the R-Rated Blockbuster

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