Unknown Hosts 9/23/2015

Welcome to a special episode of Unknown Hosts! Unlike most weeks, Ka_Niff and Ross cast from the SAME ROOM AND LOCATION, talking about our impending time at TwitchCon. Enjoy, and remember to watch us live at http://www.twitch.tv/unknownhosts!

02:58 – Start of Show
03:28 – TwitchCon Talk
24:02 – What’s New with Us?

The Good, The Bad, and The Kappa
30:28 – New Spider-Man To Be 15 Years Old
36:52 – New Hitman Delayed, Will Feature Post-Launch Content “Updates”
41:54 – Game of Thrones Breaks Records at the Emmy’s because of a change in voting policy
49:23 – The Extraordinarily Convoluted Explanation for Kingdom Hearts 2.8’s Title
54:21 – Destiny: The Taken King Contains Secret, Super-Difficult Missions That Players Still Haven’t Discovered
1:02:02 – Some Incredibly Difficult Super Mario Maker levels

1:11:31 – Chat Topics
1:16:13 – Giveaway: Burnout Paradise
1:21:56 – Plugs
1:24:44 – More Talk about TwitchCon

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